Makeup Tricks for Busy Ladies

Our everyday lives are stressful, we are racing the clock, running errands and it seems as if our time is more than limited. And on top of all that we should take care of our makeup. You might have given up trying to do it all or are slowly losing you mind trying to manage your precious time. Don’t worry – we’ve got a few useful tips that will help you look fabulous even in your busiest days.

Don’t bring lipstick to work

Trying to perfectly apply lipstick in your lunch break or in between meetings almost always fails. The deeper the colour – the more visible are the imperfections. Leave the lipstick in your makeup box at home and instead put a light gloss in you bag.

Having a brush is a must

We have all seen the dozens of different brushes, but we can’t possibly bring them all whenever we go out. Find one that is double sided. It will save up space and some of your time.

Smear your mascara

It may sound crazy, but you don’t need to use eyeliner or eyeshadow if you just aren’t being too precise when applying mascara. You just need to dab your eyelid a little and then use an eyeshadow brush to make it look as if you put at least 5 minutes in doing your eye makeup. Simple as that!

Buy micellar water

Some mornings are just too lazy or just too hectic and you just can’t wash your face perfectly. Luckily, applying micellar water to a cotton pad and wiping you face with it will light it up.

Make sure your manicure looks good

Having nail polish on will always make a good impression. You can apply only one layer of it, but make sure it has good coverage.